Agile Vs Scrum

Agile Vs Scrum

Individuals who have entered the world of Agile and started learning about various methods and frameworks may find many terms confusing. Terms such as Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Iterative development, Scaled Agile, etc have to be fully understood by professionals so that could work efficiently. Often, individuals may think that Scrum and Agile are both […]

Challenges in Creating a Done Increment

Let us understand the basic challenges faced when creating a Done Increment. But before that, let me give you an overview of the terms involved. Since you are already looking for challenges in creating an Increment, you must already know that Scrum is an Agile framework that focuses on providing us with a better way […]

Advice for New Scrum Master Joining in a New Team

New Scrum Master

The role of a Scrum Master is not as simple as you think. They have a lot of responsibilities when joining a new team as a new Scrum Master. A Scrum Master should contribute in all the possible ways to help the team achieve success. However, this article contains all the necessary facts of a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Sprint Burndown Chart

Sprint Burndown Chart

Scrum has been widely implemented in many organizations as it is one of the easiest frameworks to understand in Agile Methodology. With the growing use of Scrum, it becomes essential for professionals to understand various Scrum Artifacts, which are tools used by the Scrum Team to help them develop and deliver products efficiently. One of […]

Top Scrum Anti-Patterns

Scrum is one the most adopted frameworks among many organizations as Scrum is lightweight and easy to understand. Most companies have benefited by implementing Scrum and overcome the disadvantages they faced while using the traditional software methods. Scrum has made companies more Agile and ready for the competition that they face in the markets. Benefits […]

How to Manage a Remote Scrum Team?

Scrum Remote Teams

Scrum has been one of the most implemented frameworks in Agile Methodologies. Most of the operations in Scrum are done by distributed teams, which are teams that work either partially or fully remotely. One of the highlights of using Scrum practices is that a particular product could be developed by Developers from any time zone […]

How to Resolve Conflicts in a Scrum Team?

How to Resolve Conflicts in the Scrum Team

Many companies have started implementing Scrum and have embraced the Agile Methodology as it provides all the solutions that the companies used to face when implementing the traditional software methodologies. Scrum has become one of the most adopted Agile frameworks as it is reliable, easy to use, and lightweight. Small scaled companies can easily process […]

Definition of ‘Done'(DoD) Vs Definition of ‘Ready'(DoR)

Definition of Done vs Definition of Ready

Whenever a product is released it may lack certain features that the end users may desire and this leads to users suggesting ideas or concepts for a new feature that they may want to include into the product with the next update. To fulfill this, the team working on that product figures out how to […]

Three Scrum Artifacts

Scrum Framework is one of the most popular frameworks in Agile Methodology. Most organizations use Scrum as it is easy to understand, lightweight, and can be used to develop complex products incrementally and iteratively. Scrum helps the team to effectively complete products, especially when multiple deliveries and quick turnarounds are necessary for the product. Scrum […]

How the year 2020 helped us to be Agile?

how the year 2020 helped us to be agile

The year 2020 has marked its name in the books of history forever as the events that occurred in this year were not expected by anyone. The pandemic shut down many companies and numerous people were out of jobs. Industries tried processing the changes due to the COVID-19 crisis, and the organizations that could adapt […]