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Learning never stops with a training class. And that too when you register for a PremierAgile certification class. We are bringing you exclusive learning events on Wednesdays, and that too for free. Our PremierWednesday learning events are in the form of Webinars, Meet-ups, Online training sessions, Mentoring sessions, Case-studies, Debates etc. We hope these will help you in your continuous learning pursuit, knowledge acquisition and career growth.

1000 Participants

Webinar-Overview of Space Systems

This webinar gives an overview of what space systems are and how they work. Also their advantages are discussed with some real-world examples by a Class XII student who is curious to pursue Aerospace Engineering.

Speaker: Siddharth Konduru, Class XII Physics student

Webinar-Metrics for Agile teams

This webinar discusses about various metrics that Agile teams can track for performance measurement.

Speaker- Snehamayee Kulkarni, Agile Coach & Consultant

Business Agility through SAFe

An overview of how SAFe helps to achieve Business Agility in the Digital Age for organizations using SAFe core competencies and appropriate SAFe Configurations.

Speaker: Venkat Gownori, SAFe Program Consultant

Webinar-Achieving Business Agility with SAFe

This webinar provides an overview of the SAFe Framework, the Big Picture graphic, the seven core competencies, and the values, mindset, principles, and practices that guide teams to more effectively build solutions in a far leaner—and more Agile—fashion.

Speaker: Mahesh Varadharajan, SAFe SPCT Candidate


Srinivas Kannuri

Project Manager, India

When I was looking for a good CSM trainer as well as an organization who can help me improve further in my Scrum Master journey, I found PremierAgile thankfully. Not only the CSM workshop conducted by Suresh Konduru is a world-class training experience, the continuous learning programs offered by PremierAgile helped me a great deal. PremierWednesday is a full package consisting of online courses, webinars, checklists, templates and a life-long mentoring program. Thank you PremierAgile for offering free access to PremierWednesday.



Product Manager, India

Wonderful experience with the free SAFe session. Would look forward for more sessions like this.


John Donalds

Scrum Master, USA

My learning didn't stop with CSM. Good initiative by PremierAgle to help continue on my learning journey. PremierWednesday is very helpful.