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With an objective to enable continuous learning and progression for our learners, PremierAgile curated several learning articles. Out of a wide range of topics, you can choose to learn from the real-world experiences by practitioners in the areas of Agile, Scrum, Product Ownership, Scaling, Agile Leadership, Tools & Frameworks, latest market trends, new innovations etc.

System Metaphors can be powerful

System Metaphor is seen & practiced as the most important practice for the Agile community. System Metaphor acts as the base for most of the programming. Vision of System Metaphor is to make everyone understand & agree that the system works. System Metaphor can help us to perceive problems in a much better manner & what could be its best possible solution, this leads to easy understanding of the system. 

Metaphors to understand the Scrum Values 

Scrum Framework is a team based approach. It works on some rules & principles which helps the organizations to understand what works best for them. 5 Scrum Values such as commitment, focus, openness, respect, courage are not well known & considered underrated. These values add virtues to Scrum project management, which eventually encourages the Scrum Team to follow proper routes for the project management, therefore, understanding these values is a must for Scrum Team members. There's also a way to use Scrum without being Agile, and there's a way to do Scrum without being Agile. Having a good metaphor makes things easier to understand. Scrum can be compared to riding a bike, and Agile to the sense of balance.

Below are the 6 types metaphors to understand Scrum Values: 
  • Scrum Values are acts as ‘Bolt’ 

Bolts are used to tie two materials, which work regardless of their state. The Scrum Values work the same- Scrum Values helps Scrum Team members to work together in the same environment & pace. Therefore, Scrum Values are to be practiced by Scrum Team members in order to work on full potential no matter whatever the outcome we get.  

  • Scrum Values acts as an ‘Foundation’

Scrum Values helps Scrum Team members to build sustainability to work for project development. Confidence & trust amongst the Scrum Team members help them to unite together & work exemplary. A well developed Scrum Team knows & believes about the capabilities of their team members, this helps them to perform the finest sprint & deliver a quality product. 

  • Scrum Values provides ‘Direction’

At times, it is difficult for the members of the Scrum Team to pursue their sprint goals even after acquiring all the skills & responsibilities. Without clarity in thought process members of the Scrum team can’t do anything. Clarity in the thought process leads to success but, success won't be received solely with a vision. Scrum values serve to provide direction. Embracing the Scrum values gives Scrum team members the path that guides them towards the Sprint goal, keeps them together, and guides them to choose the right process. For a successful project delivery, the Scrum values act as an accurate way which provides them direction. 

  • Scrum Values are ‘Solenoid’ 

When one practices Scrum values, he/she develops a positive energy that will assist in developing an effective Scrum team and keeping all the team members satisfied. When the Scrum values are strictly followed, the Scrum Team members feel a sense of unity, and this positive vibe enhances the quality of the project and the performance of the individuals.

  • Scrum Values act as an ‘Sportsmanship’

Sportsmanship Scrum Team to manage the difficulties, deal with short sprint duration, etc. Scrum values encourage the team members to focus on the targets without getting distracted, just as sportsmanship keeps the sportsman cool in the heat of competition.

  • Scrum Values Showcase ‘Identity’ 

These values act as the defining characteristics of a Scrum team because they guide team members on how to behave and act in order to secure the organization's interests while also satisfying the customer. As a Scrum Team member, one's beliefs identify you because they guide your actions and thinking. Scrum values guide the members' behavior in line with the organization's vision & mission.   

Metaphor for different aspects of Scrum 

A metaphor is something that should be agreed upon among all members of a project in order to simply explain the purpose of the project and guide the structure of the architecture, so it is very important for communication between the team and the client.

Metaphor for Scrum Master: Scrum Master acts the same as a gardener, like the gardener grows different kinds of plants in the garden with the help of various tools in their toolkits, they plant seeds & wait for them until the seed turns into a delightful flower. Same as the Scrum Master who works just like this for the Sprint.  
Metaphor for Sprint: Sprint metaphors are intended to convey that your goal is so near and so visible that you are motivated to try to get there with extra energy. As a result, you are more aware and focused, allowing you to strive for the goal right away.
Metaphor for Developers: The Scrum team consists of developers, who are responsible for building the product for the customer. This metaphor describes children as developers and summer vacation as the product they plan for themselves.

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