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Advanced Certified Scrum Master

An Advanced-CSM certification course offers to learn techniques and skills that go beyond the basics and mechanics of Scrum, expanding into interac...

Enrolled: 20000+Trained
Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner

An Advanced-CSPO certification course offers to learn techniques and skills that go beyond the basics of Product Owner role. This expands into the ...

Enrolled: 20000+Trained
Certified Scrum Master

A CSM introduces you to Scrum framework, the roles and a detailed Scrum Master role. A Scrum Master creates high performing teams. This certificati...

Enrolled: 20000+ Trained
Certified Scrum Product Owner

A CSPO helps you to understand Scrum Product Owner Role in detail. Also you will learn how to create awesome products using industry’s best techn...

Enrolled: 20000+ Trained
Leading SAFe

Leading SAFe® offers you an introduction to the foundations of SAFe, and provides the principles and practices to drive your Lean-Agile transforma...

Enrolled: 5000 trained

Who We Are

We are premier providers of continuous learning opportunities in the area of Agile and Scrum. We can assist you to enhance your careers to new heights. Our learning programs are powered by globally recognized certifications of Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile etc.

We don't offer only training. We travel with you during your learning journeys. We provide several resources which can assist you to implement Scrum in real-world situations.

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World-class training experience

We transformed Fortune enterprises from traditional models to Agile organisations for nearly 25 years. Trained more than 20,000 professionals across 35 countries.

Brain Science Learning

Our highly immersive trainings are powered by Brain-Science learning techniques resulting from neuro-based research for last 50 years.

Post-class mentoring

We assist during your learning journeys; including free career mentoring. Subscribe to ‘ASK’ - our flagship mentoring program free for lifetime.

Rating 5 / 5

98% of our participants rate us consistently 5 out of 5. More than 50% of our participants are referred by past workshop participants.

Continuous Learning

Access to free online trainings for your individual learning real-time resources which will help you implement Scrum successfully.

Value for Money

A competitive price that can match with any other price across India for our training and location offerings. Best discounts in the country.


If you are looking for transformation or training or certification for your corporate team exclusively, or if your organization is going through Agile transformation and need some helping hands, then you are at the right place.

With several years of hands-on Agile transformation experience at global Fortune 500 enterprises, our coaches and trainers can help you design the transformation roadmap that is just right for your organization. They can even handhold you for the initial Sprints and will make your teams self-sufficient within a short span of time.

* CSM, CSPO, A-CSM, A-CSPO are trademarks of Scrum Alliance Inc USA.
* SAFe certifications are trademarks of Scaled Agile Inc USA.

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Continuous Learning

Our workshops assist you to take the initial baby steps in your learning journey. Further, we fuel your passion for continuous learning by providing access to several resources.

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  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Agile Coaching
  • Leading SAFe


  • Reference guide: Agile-Scrum
  • Study Guide on Lean and Six Sigma Techniques

Online Courses

  • Agile Coaching Mindset
  • Agile Coaching Tools
  • Agile Mindset
  • Data Science Essentials
  • DevOps
  • Overview of Kanban
  • Overview of SAFe
  • PMI-ACP: Agile Certified Practitioner

Mock Tests

  • PMI-ACP Mock tests
  • PSM I Mock tests


  • Measure product performance
  • Metrics to track progress.
  • Real-world practitioner metrics.
  • Suggested for various roles in Scrum organizations.


  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • User Story Mapping

Coaching Models

  • To induce continuous improvement.
  • Coach senior management and leadership during Agile implementation.
  • Coach ground-level teams.
  • Implement Agile outside software industry.

Learning Shorts

  • Short videos for your quick and effective learning.
  • Available to all for free.

Webinar Recordings

  • Access our past webinars to learn from seasoned experts.


  • Access to our world-wide Alumni.
  • To learn, network and share.
  • Free job postings


PremierAgile - Top Provider of CSM and CSPO certifications

Introduction to our trainer - Suresh Konduru

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Adama Frazier

CSPO, Aug 22-23, 2020

CSPO is one of the best and fun trainings I ever had. Suresh Konduru is invaluable and very professional, he is awesome. I can't wait to attend one of his other classes. Thank you PremierAgile. Such company is hard to find. Thank you.

Basava Vishal Naidu

CSPO Aug 29-30, 2020

Being from a non-technical background, initially I was a little apprehensive if the whole session would be completely filled with examples of software development. But No, it has been absolutely a great 2 day workshop with case studies from all kinds of business and definitely anyone from any industry and any profession can take away tremendous learnings with the ability to practically apply them in their own context. Would definitely recommend!!

Swati Lekha

CSPO Nov 21-22, 2020

I joined for a Product Owner course with PremierAgile. One of the finest academies providing up-skill and grooming to working professionals. The entire two day workshop is very interactive, concept building, solving of doubts at every step of the way, demonstration of excellent utility of online tools at our disposal. Real life examples are provided. Suresh is a seasoned coach, extremely humble, he kept the class so lively inspite of virtual sessions.

Shaswat Rastogi

CSM Oct 03-04, 2020

"Fail fast, Learn fast. Being Agile over Doing Agile. Completed the official Certified Scrum Master offered by Scrum Alliance. Zero Power Point session and learning by doing. Have learnt a lot in the workshop from the trainer as well as from participants having rich experience. Weekend well utilized. Amazing workshop. Thank you Suresh Konduru for being an excellent trainer and PremierAgile for providing a great virtual experience.

Amy Gibson

CSM Aug 08-09, 2020

After working with our IT team for the past 2 years, I wanted to increase my knowledge to better serve them and our business. Thanks to our instructor, Suresh Konduru at PremierAgile for a clear, engaging course. I am now a Certified Scrum Master.