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1. The following is NOT amongst the Agile manifesto values:

2. Planning is EVERYTHING. Plans are NOTHING.

3. The following should work together daily throughout the project:

4. The following helps the teams to pause at regular intervals, reflect on their own behavior and move forward:

5. Agile is a:

1. Empiricism is NOT:

2. Scrum can be applied to:

3. The three pillars of Empiricism are:

4. Scrum is about:

5. A common language referring to the process or product must be shared by all participants. This promotes:

1. The following is NOT a Scrum Value:

2. A Developer works on multiple tasks at the same time. The following value is missing:

3. A Scrum Master encourages Developers to try new and innovative experiments to improve productivity. (S)He displays the following value:

4. A customer mandates the team to do Scrum. However she makes it clear that she is available for the review meetings once every 3 months.The following value is missing:

5. A Scrum Team lives all the Scrum values, and also understands that the values are strongly inter-laced with each other and that each cannot be displayed in isolation.While displaying the Scrum values, they build the following that can help them succeed in the longer run:

6. When there are multiple Product Owners in one Scrum Team, the following Scrum value may be compromised for the Developers:

1. The following is the organisational change agent:

2. True Leadership means:

3. Which of the following is NOT a Scrum Master responsibility?

4. As per Scrum, a Scrum Master should work:

5. As far as the responsibility for a Daily Scrum is concerned, a Scrum Master MUST:

6. A great Scrum Master:

7. The following are responsibilities of a Scrum Master:

8. A traditional project manager can transform into a Scrum Master as long as:

9. The following are mandatory skills for a Scrum Master:

10. A Scrum Master must perform the following at an organization level:

11. A Scrum Master at a Sprint Planning event must:

12. The following is true for a Scrum Master:

1. A primary presenter at the Sprint Review:

2. Who can attend Daily Scrum?

3. When can a Sprint be cancelled?

4. A Sprint's maximum duration is:

5. The 5th event in Scrum is:

6. The subject matter experts (SMEs) invited for a Sprint Planning session are determined by:

7. At a Sprint Retrospective, a Scrum Master MUST:

8. It is best to do Product Backlog estimation during:

9. A Sprint Review is the first opportunity for the Product Owner to see the working product Increment.

10. The best length of a Sprint in Scrum is:

11. During a Sprint, the Developers realized that they cannot complete the work selected for the Sprint. Who should review and adjust the work selected?

12. A new Sprint begins when:

1. An Increment is:

2. The following statements are true about a Product Backlog:

3. ______ are present in the Sprint Backlog and are normally estimated in hours.

4. The following is true regarding Definition of Done:

5. The Product Backlog is usually ordered by:

6. Product Backlog can be modified during:

7. A Sprint Backlog's plan can be adjusted:

8. When should an Increment(s) be released?

9. Who can modify the Sprint Backlog - Plan?

10. The following Scrum artifacts evolve during the course of time:

11. A Product Increment must be:

12. The following serves as a commitment to measure progress:

1. The typical size of a Scrum Team is:

2. The following is accountable for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the Scrum Team:

3. Product Backlog Items (User Stories) can be written by:

4. Developers plan their own work. However, the following also has the right to tell them how to convert Product Backlog Items into an Increment:

5. When the Sales department Vice President asks the Developers to add a new urgent item to the ongoing Sprint:

6. Product Owner can compromise one of the following characteristics under certain given circumstances:

7. Whose responsibility is to track the progress of the Sprint?

8. A cross-functional set of Developers means:

9. The following is true for Developers:

10. The following accountability doesn't exist in Scrum:

11. The following makes release decisions and release tracking:

12. The following best describes a Product Owner's accountability: