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Agile is no longer only for the software development projects. The Agile values and principles can be applied in multiple domains and industries – Manufacturing, Construction, Marketing, Aerospace, Telecom, HR, Banking etc. And even in our personal lives such as at home, schools, vacations, financial planning etc. Below is a collection of several such real world case-studies for your reference.

Agile Outside IT - Others

The above is a collection of real world case-studies from various sources. Each case-study is compiled by a practitioner or the corresponding team. If a link is not working, we apologise for the inconvenience. Some links may be temporarily broken, and possibly available after some time. However, you may reach out to the contact person or the team with your feedback or questions – individual contact details may be available in the corresponding website.

If you have implemented Agile in any domain other than software development, and interested to showcase for the benefit of the community, please send your case-study to Suresh.Konduru@PremierAgile.com publishing here.