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Agile in BI/DW/Package

  • Agile Big Data Analytics: The Art of the Possible, part 1 Click to open
  • Agile ERP: “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone!” Click to open
  • Custom Off The Shelf Projects Click to open
  • How I learned to love Agile ERP and why you should too Click to open
  • Testing Agile DataWarehouses and Business Intelligence Click to open
  • Tips for Editing Pentaho Auto-Generated OLAP Models Click to open
  • Agile Data Warehousing: Do You Scrum? by James Kobielus Click to open
  • Agile Best Practices for Data Warehousing (DW)/Business Intelligence (BI) Projects, by Scott Ambler Click to open

Agile in Embedded Software

  • Agile Embedded Software Development, what’s wrong with it? Click to open

Agile in Government

Agile in Hardware

Agile in HealthCare

  • website could have shipped in 1/2 the time and saved billions Click to open
  • Jeff Sutherland’s Papers Click to open

Agile in Home

Agile in HR

  • How HR Can Become Agile (and Why It Needs To) Click to open
  • The Workplace As An Experience: Three New HR Roles Emerge Click to open

Agile in Lower

Agile in Mainframe

  • Agile in a Mainframe and Cobol world Click to open
  • Make Your Mainframe Systems and Technology More Agile: An Interview with Jay McFarling and Danielle Roecker Click to open
  • Nordstrom build an App in 1 week with real customer feedback constantly Click to open

Agile in Manufacturing

Agile in Marketing

  • Defined/Emperical Processl kdzfjbszjgr; owG9JS;OijILSFDJ GISJDGOI Click to open
  • Defined/Emperical Processl kdzfjbszjgr; owG9JS;OijILSFDJ GISJDGOI Click to open
  • Defined/Emperical Processl kdzfjbszjgr; owG9JS;OijILSFDJ GISJDGOI Click to open
  • Defined/Emperical Processl kdzfjbszjgr; owG9JS;OijILSFDJ GISJDGOI Click to open
  • Defined/Emperical Processl kdzfjbszjgr; owG9JS;OijILSFDJ GISJDGOI Click to open

Agile in Sales

  • Rini van Solingen and Jeff Sutherland’s use of Scrum in Sales Click to open
  • Scrum for Sales Click to open
  • Scrum in Sales (How to improve account management and sales processes), by Jeff Sutherland, Rini van Solingen , Denny de Waardand Click to open
  • What We’ve Learned by Scrumming Sales and Support Teams Click to open

Agile in Schools

Agile in Wikispeed

  • Team WIKISPEED at Agile 2012 Click to open
  • Team Wikispeed: Developing Hardware the Software Way – HBR Case Study $$$ Click to open
  • TEDx Talk – Joe Justice on using Agile to build a car Click to open
  • Wikispeed: How A 100 mpg Car Was Developed In 3 Months Click to open

Agile in Others

  • Building The Empire State Building – The Tyranny of the Plan – Mary Poppendieck Click to open
  • FloraHolland uses Scrum to manage business change Click to open
  • Non-IT Kanban Implementation at Scale Click to open
  • NPR Uses Agile for program planning (i.e. radio programs, not software) Click to open
  • Scrum for non IT teams Click to open
  • You’ll Never Work Alone Click to open
  • Agile and Scrum Are Far Bigger than IT, by Manuel Gonzalez Click to open
  • Agile Not Just For IT Anymore, by Curtis Franklin Jr. Click to open
  • Taking Agile Way Beyond Software, by Michael Sherman, Stephen Edison, Benjamin Rehberg, Martin Danoesastro Click to open
  • Lessons learned: Using Scrum in non-technical teams, by Tomasz Wykowski, Justyna Wykowska Click to open
  • What Are The Limits Of The Scrum Framework?, by Mark Levison Click to open
  • Kodak’s Downfall Wasn’t About Technology, by Scott Anthony Click to open
  • Let’s accelerate your business agility I Faster organization I Blogs, by John Coleman Click to open
  • “Business Agile”: Built Upon Sand, by Ron Jeffries Click to open
  • Star Spangled Geeks, by Steven Levy Click to open
  • Verilog/VHDL Mixed Language Unit Testing, by nosnhojn Click to open
  • A Context-Driven Approach to Automation in Testing Click to open
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Scrum Adoption Click to open
  • Agile Transformation @ Click to open
  • An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide Click to open
  • Border Security System: LeSS & Offshore Development Click to open
  • Evolving to Agile – Matt Block Click to open
  • How Nokia Lost the Smartphone Battle Click to open
  • InfoQ interview with John Deere Agile Coach Click to open
  • John Deere – Bigger Picture Click to open
  • John Deere Plows into Agile Click to open
  • Making a Difference: a Case Study of Change in the Public Sector Click to open
  • Rebooting Agile @ GE Transportation Click to open
  • Seven Changes to Remove Waste From Your Software Development Process Click to open
  • What Has Nokia Done Right and Wrong? Click to open
  • When the VP is a Scrum Master, You Hit the Ground Running Click to open
  • Who Killed Nokia? Nokia Did Click to open