Is it Worth Getting a Resume Professionally Written?

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Is It Worth Getting a Resume Professionally Written?

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Your resume is the documental representation of your professional experience and skillets. Whether you are applying for a job or sharing your professional skills with project managers, you require a professional-looking resume. The better your resume looks visually the better impression you can create upon the reader. So if you aim to impress job recruiters with a great resume, it’s best to get a professionally-written resume based on your Agile skills and past technology experiences. This guide highlights the top advantages of using a professionally written resume in the work field!

What is a professionally written resume?

A professionally written resume outlines the professional’s relevant work experience, primary skillset, and life-long accomplishments. Whether you are a Product Owner, Scrum Master, or Technology Analyst, your resume should reflect your technical knowledge and skills through a professional resume. It can include an introductory professional summary to provide the reader with all relevant information at a single glance. Overall, a professionally written resume is well-written with precise wording and minimal description so that the reader can easily take a look at the entire resume.

Top advantages of a professionally written resume:

  • It matches the job search criteria of different recruiters and gets selected easily by different applicant-tracking systems.
  • It is an independent representation of the professional’s career accomplishments, previous project details, and acquired technology skillset. 
  • It enhances the marketability of the Agile Practioner among other applicants.
  • It makes the information look more viable with precise wording that is easy to read at one glance.
  • It cuts down online job search times by focusing on matching your primary skillset with the job openings. 
  • It stands out from other resumes and offers you an added advantage to impress recruiters immediately.

Ways of getting a professionally written resume:

With technology advancements, it’s easier than ever to get a professionally written resume for you. Here are the best ways through which you can custom-create a professionally written resume!

1. Hire Professional Resume Writer:

Save your time and efforts by hiring an experienced resume writer. You can hire professional resume writers from platforms such as:

  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

Once you open an account on any of these sites, you can post your requirements as a job posting. The professional writers will touch base with you to discuss the requirements for a customized professional resume. On the contrary, you can check if the professional writer has enough experience in Agile & Scrum methodologies to prepare your professional resume. Once you receive the custom-created resume from the resume writer, you can pay for the services online!

2. Use Online Resume Templates:

You can search and find free online resume templates from different service providers to create a professional resume on your own. The online resume templates come in a variety of sizes, designs, and patterns to choose from. All you have to do is select the resume template that you like and fill up the resume template with your professional details. These templates have pre-defined fields such as name, email, contact number, education details, employment details, certification details, training details, project details, etc. So you can easily build a professional resume for a Certified Scrum Product Owner, Project Manager, or System Engineer with the available online resume templates!

3. Use a Resume Builder:

A resume builder is a software application that provides you with interactive & pre-built forms and templates that focus on professional resumes. Indeed, you will find various resume builders online. But you must choose a good resume builder that provides various examples and resume templates to inspire you to design and create an outstanding professional resume. Here are some of the popular resume builders for you:

  • Zety
  • Resume Genius
  • CV Maker
  • Live Career
  • ResumeLab
  • Resume Now

The resume builder works seamlessly on any type of devices such as desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. You can easily use the resume builder to create a professional resume and cover letter to apply for a job role of CSPO, CSM, Lead, Manager, etc. Almost all resume builders charge you for resume development. Once you make the bill payment, you get the complete authority to use your resume and cover letter to apply for various job openings.

Tips to get the perfect professionally written resume:

  • Master the right format to represent the data in a clear form.
  • Use active verbs and shorter sentences with precise technical wording.
  • Avoid using jargon and passive voice throughout the resume
  • Complete the resume within 1 or 2 pages maximum to keep things short yet informative.
  • Highlight your top technical skills, achievements, and certifications.

Conclusion: Is it worth spending on a professionally written resume? 

Today’s recruiters are looking for talents who have an interest in learning Agile methodologies, cloud technologies, and data analytics concepts. As an Agile Practitioner, it’s high time to take advantage of the current IT market situation and apply for a higher-paying job!

Only a professionally written resume can help you land your dream job. Now getting a professionally written resume is not a big deal as you have various options such as using resume templates, resume builders, or hiring a professional writer. With minimal spending, you get your hands on a perfect resume that can impress the recruiter at just a single glance!





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