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1. Following are examples of Agile frameworks, along with Scrum:
2. Scrum works best in the following domain:
3. What should be discussed in a Sprint Review?
4. Following is an Agile principle:
5. A Developer has a general concern about psychological safety within the team meetings. They must be encourage to:
6. The following Scrum accountability creates and communicates a Product Goal:
7. Scrum Guide says: Scrum Team must fulfill (or abandon) one Product Goal before taking on the next. This improves:
8. Kanban is based on below concepts:
9. Extreme Programming suggested the following for collaboration, transparency and quick learning:
10. The following is NOT an artifact in Scrum:
1. Facilitation means:
2. Following is a facilitation technique:
3. A facilitator sets the ground rules and the context:
4. The following is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions:
5. The following is not part of Facilitation:
1. Identifying problems, providing suggestions is a:
2. Scrum Master is the coach for the Scrum team.
3. Following are behaviours a coach must develop:
4. Following are different levels in listening:
5. Open-ended questions are Powerful questions, that can take coaching conversations deeper:
6. Imagining one's own self in others' situations is called:
7. A coach's responsibility is:
8. A coach's improvement journey can be:
9. Shu-Ha-Ri is:
10. Sprint delivery responsibility in Scrum is the accountability of: