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1. The following is amongst the Agile manifesto principles:
2. Scrum Framework is built on:
3. The following connects teams and users in Scrum:
4. The following Scrum Event helps to inspect and adapt, and act upon feedback:
5. There are 3 artifacts in Scrum. Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and _____.
6. The following is an agreement amongst the Scrum Team. Serves as a checklist before showcasing in a Sprint Review.
1. The following characteristic of a Product Owner helps to make timely decisions and promotes ownership of the product:
2. When a Developer needs a clarification on a product requirement:
3. A great Product Owner will:
4. How many teams a Product Owner must work with?
5. A Product Owner's business knowledge should be:
1. The following is the right order during a product development journey:
2. A product vision is:
3. Release planning is prescribed by Scrum:
4. Good practice(s) while creating a product vision:
5. Release planning can be done during:
1. A good Product Owner uses the following opportunity(ies) to connect Developers and Customers:
2. A technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users:
3. A benefit of connecting Developers and Users:
4. Following are few ways to understand user behavior, user preferences, market dynamics etc.
5. Chasm in Product lifecycle means:
1. Scrum provides the following ways to validate product assumptions made by a Product Owner and stakeholders:
2. Validation is the process of testing and verifying the product idea prior to launching the product. Product Owner can use the following validation:
3. The following technique is used by Product Owners to understand user behavior and culture, lives amongst the users for several weeks to a few years to get real-time information:
4. After the product development commences, the following Scrum artifact helps to showcase to users and validate assumptions:
5. User Personas are:
6. A/B Testing means:
1. The attributes of a Product Backlog Item are:
2. Product Roadmap and Product Backlog are prioritized based on the following in the given order:
3. The following is an example of Value:
4. Product Backlog Refinement is an activity in Scrum where:
5. Any new idea or a new Product Backlog Item is:
6. The following Scrum artifact is modified during: Sprint Review, Product Backlog Refinement, Stakeholder discussions, User feedback:
7. Product Backlog is prioritized by the following accountability in Scrum:
8. Product Backlog is updated:
9. A Product Backlog Item is:
10. Product Backlog Refinement focuses on: