Top 10 Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) tools in 2022

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With an objective to enable continuous learning and progression for our learners, PremierAgile curated several learning articles. Out of a wide range of topics, you can choose to learn from the real-world experiences by practitioners in the areas of Agile, Scrum, Product Ownership, Scaling, Agile Leadership, Tools & Frameworks, latest market trends, new innovations etc.

Top 10 Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) tools in 2022

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What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), which promotes high quality and quicker time-to-market, aids businesses in overcoming their greatest technological development and delivery issues.

The software development process uses this adaptive structure to simplify Agile deployment. As a result, project management across several teams is made easier and more efficient without impeding agile product development procedures.

Top 10 Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Tools:

1. SpiraPlan

SAFe®, Nexus, Scrum of Scrums, DAD, and LeSS are just a few examples of scaled agile software development methodologies that work well with Inflectra's Agile Training portfolio and risk management platform, SpiraPlan. With its extensive library of objects and hierarchies that correspond to both the product and team levels, SpiraPlan offers strong support for SAFe. With many Agile Scrum Master teams, team backlogs, and release trains, each AGILE release train is handled as a distinct SpiraPlan product with a lengthy lifespan. SpiraPlan provides mind mapping and visualisation tools that demonstrate how release trains relate to product releases and team revisions.

2. Plan View 

Plan View is a platform for managing projects and portfolios that provides commercial options for various goods. Through improved processes and speedier release cycles, it aids Agile Scrum Master teams in achieving their agreed strategic objectives. LeanKit Enterprise Kanban Software's process and value delivery optimization makes it simpler to grow agile. It is simple to gather needs, prioritise portfolios, implement strategies, and manage financial data.

3. Atlassian

A variety of solutions are available from Atlassian to help businesses grow their Agile delivery. Collaboration on requirements, documents, choices, risks, and other things is done using Confluence. Agile may be scaled effectively using Jira Software due to its customizations for workflows, fields, and reports. With an emphasis on bigger objectives, Easy Agile Programs for Jira enables cross-team planning, viewing, and management of cross-team dependencies. Resource and risk management, as well as roadmapping and visualization, are features added by BigPicture. Jira Align enables teams to roll stories up to the highest-level purpose, vision, and goals by bringing together extremely big teams..

4. Swift EASE

Swift EASE is a visual planning, execution, and communication tool that supports SAFe® at all levels and is extremely flexible. It focuses on intuitive operation, visual administration, and lean execution. SAFe® measurements and an integrated dashboard in Swift EASE support IT governance and ongoing development. It enables owners and executives to keep track of dangers in addition to high-level Product Goals and objectives being implemented. 


VersionOne/Collabnet can implement SAFe more easily using the centralized space provided by The SAFe core projects, metrics, and practices are supported by VersionOne. To assess if the plans align with the corporate Product Strategy, the tool customizes the execution of the strategy and groups epics by strategic themes that may be displayed in a number of scenarios. It is simple to employ any combination of settings, from Essential SAFe to Full SAFe, thanks to a flexible tool planning hierarchy.

6. Rally Software

Rally Software is an enterprise-level platform made to scale Agile Development methods in any business. By extending agile methods and tying procedures to important business Product Goals, the system links teams, fosters cooperation, makes use of data, and enhances productivity. Rally acts as a focal point for teams to jointly organize, rank, and monitor activity that may be shown as lists, boards, or timeline views. The tool offers thorough roll-ups of progress, dependencies, alignment, and plans so that teams can decide and remain concentrated on providing value.

7. Target Process

An organizational visual platform called Target process integrates teams, products, and portfolios. Any business may use the technology to implement and expand agile throughout the organization. contains pre-built templates for the frameworks SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, and others. The solution is very adaptable to your unique project management methodology and organizational setup. Target process delivers visibility into multi-level portfolios and corporate strategic goals and features a contemporary user interface.

8. Task Top

Tasktop is a value chain management tool that aids businesses in expediting the delivery of their products. Data synchronisation is made simple by TaskTop's functionality for bi-directional system integration between several platforms. The software development and delivery teams are brought together by Tasktop Integration Hub, which also offers previously unheard-of levels of insight into the mission-critical software delivery processes. Users of Tasktop Viz may identify wasteful areas and develop improvement strategies using a series of dashboards that offer value stream knowledge and visibility at a glance.

9. Clarizen

Clarizen is an adaptable tool for managing collaborative workflows in the cloud. It is the only adaptable product now available on the market that assists businesses in turning ideas into strategies, plans, and initiatives so they can proactively react to changing market conditions. Your work streams are clearly visible thanks to it. If your firm has 50+ members, Clarizen will work best for you.

10. Service Now

A SAFe® tool for managing digital processes for business operations is Service Now. Scrum program boards that combine deep insights into connections, overload, Sprint Review capacity, and preconfigured Agile are combined in this process. The work of the Scrum and SAFe® teams may be seen in this in terms of trends, statuses, and specifics. By streamlining and automating routine processes, it boosts productivity. If your business has less than 1000 employees or is tiny, this will work best for you.

Final Word

SAFe is a cutting-edge approach to scaling Agile. The process of adopting SAFe might be difficult. Achieving company goals, guaranteeing the project needs, and comprehending the tool's capabilities all depend on selecting the appropriate tools that allow employees to deliver at scale. To assist you in implementing SAFe® in your business, choose the appropriate tool.




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